Manufactured by Mitab

Designed by Sverre Uhnger and Marius Myking

Courage is a modular based system with seating elements and backrests that can be endlessly combined. The graphic simplicity comes from the designers take on the brief to create a generic system which they based on the golden ratio. The elements have 2 sections of fabric, creating a “bottom line” which bonds the different parts together, yet allowing for the upper parts to be in different colors or fabrics creating a varied interior. 

Courage have a metal base frame that connects the modules. There is no visible fittings or damage when Courage is built together which makes it possible to rearrange the modules and create new and exciting landscapes.

"We worked with Mitab to give their clients a product where they can show Courage and creativity through furnishing singles, groups or landscapes. The basic form is driven by using all materials to their fullest and the invention of a no-screws, gravity type connection to offer an affordable high quality product ready to use."

Courage was launched at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2014.

For further inquires and prices please contact Mitab directly.