Mouth blown crystal glass

Manufactured by Magnor Glassverk 2016-18

Fold is an exploration of the properties and feel of mouth blown glass. The project was done in collaboration with Magnor Glassverk and their experienced glass blowers.

When glass is heated it becomes soft and can be easily shaped. When cooling down it changes properties and this transition influences how we read and experience the material and its form. Fold is an attempt to catch the essence of hot glass in a shape that is soft and inviting. When making the pieces the glass is blown in a mould before the vessel is carefully cut open and finally the edge is folded. Since this is done by hand the pieces becomes similar but not identical, giving them life and character.

The series consists of two pieces which size and shape invite you to use them as you please. Fold was showcased for the first time during New York Design Week 2016 at the exhibition “A Few Good Things” before launching with Magnor Glassverk at Oslo Design Fair. The series was discontinued in 2018.

Photo by Jon Marius Nilsson

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