Solid oak - LED gu10

Manufactured by Brdr. Krüger

The Lune Lamp marks another step in a new direction for Brdr. Krüger, one of creating new and bold contemporary design icons with an international outlook that perfectly reflect the company’s passion for wood and craftsmanship. 

The Lune Lamp represents a fusion of woodcraft, material and modern technology and is inspired by a wood-turned object, in this case the sphere. The perfectly rounded shade made out of solid natural wood is beautifully contrasted by the contemporary LED light source. The result is a modern lamp with a tactile and welcoming feel. The Lune Lamp is named after luna, the Latin word for the Moon, and also refers to the Scandinavian word lunt (warm, cosy, glowing), reflecting the basic human need for products that make us feel comfortable and at ease.

The Lune Lamp is available in smoky, linseed-oil-treated oak and in soap-treated oak. The lamp is proudly crafted at Brdr. Krüger’s own factory in Denmark and was launched in Milan 2014.

For further inquires and prices please contact Brdr. Krüger directly.